Our Specialised Services

Account Management

We offer a one stop solution for revenue management, business auditing, data analysis and reporting,
PMS and systems integration.

Project Development

Our past and present project developments are complex and extremely varied. Nothing phases us! We
can help with simple design and refurbishments or complete build to launch projects, including site
acquisition, architectural design & development, right down to recruitment.

Data Advisory

From market research and analysis to strategic plans, business reporting and recommendations, we
can provide you with the information you need to make your business a success

Fully Managed Solution

In addition to consultation services we also offer a full service operation. When a client is looking to reposition or future proof their portfolio, thats where MHG step in.

So what is a full solution?
The key elements focus on :-
• Concept development
• Pre-opening planning
• Finance and asset management
• Revenue management & yield strategies
• Sales and Marketing
• Operations Management
• (Where applicable)- Fixed rental income

Our management team carefully implement quality standards of operations and
procedures aimed at achieving high satisfaction levels making your business a
force to be reckoned with! We take the pressure off and turn the potential to become a leader in the market on!