Whos Taking Care of You?

Michael O'Brien
Michael O’Brien

EncompassIng business leadership, general management, sales, marketing, branding and
business development, on a national and international platform. With over 30 years, Michael’s career has seen him working for large corporate chains to small independent businesses. As managing director, Michael has overseen the larger projects including the mooring of a £7,2m accommodation supplier, Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London. His approach and dedication to each individual client has helped developed MHG into a result focused consultancy with the client at the forefront of all projects.

Lynder Piper
Lynder Piper

With a solid background in revenue management for
international chains and standalone properties.
With over 25 years of experience in hospitality
industry, both nationally and internationally,
her experience incorporates the management
of hotel chains to setting up revenue
management culture within stand alone sites
to incorporate all aspects of revenue

Jermaine Weekes
Jermaine Weekes

Key strengths include operations management, HR,
training and systems within UK. Jermaine’s many years in the industry have seen him work at many levels within
independent organisations. Working in hotels, bars and serviced apartments, he has a hands on approach. People management and operations are his specialties as well as system implementation

Gemma Stirling
Gemma Stirling

Specialist in contracting and account management,
with strong sales, marketing and website
development. Gemma has over 20 years in the travel industry. Experience as a market manager contracting for a world leading wholesale operator and heading
an international sales position for a large hotel chain. Has performed a variety of roles including website management, marketing and revenue management as well as social media management.